Geno Michaels and Soul City

Come with us to the BITE of Oregon for this exclusive video interview with one of Portland’s foremost Funk, Soul and R&B bands, Soul City. Geno Michaels and his All-Star line-up play to a packed-tight audience, kicking out original material along with some standards everyone knows and loves. The band talks with Typod about their love of music, musicianship and what it takes to produce the perfect groove.

Interviews: Typod  (Ty Hitzmann),
Camera: Eric Stewart, Julie Garland
Post Production:
Julie Garland, Eric Stewart
Copyright © 2011 Buko Magazine


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  1. Mark Wyatt says:

    Band sounds great, Geno. Look out Soul Vax! Hey do you think you could give me a call when you get a chance.

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